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new york cheesecake 1


Cheesecake is one of the most popular cakes by the world community besides tiramisu and black forest. Cheesecake is the right cake choice for those of you who don’t really like sweet food because the taste of this cheesecake is savory and tends to be salty. This cake is made from a mixture of sugar, eggs, milk, and of course cheese. There are many types of cheese used for cheesecakes, namely cottage cheese, ricotta, and mascarpone. Cheesecake is popular not only because of its taste, but also its soft texture and melts in the mouth. But did you know that it turns out that there are many variants of cheesecake in this world depending on each country. So are the ingredients, texture, shape, and taste the same? Those cheesecake is a great dish to accompany your chilling time such as watching movie, hanging out, playing online gambling and many more. If you want to play one of the trusted online gambling sites in the world you need to daftar slot online first to have an Account to play. So, let’s see 7 variants of cheesecake around the world!

1. New York Cheesecake


The most famous cheesecake in the world is the New York cheesecake which comes from America. New York cheesecake is made from a mixture of cream cheese, sour cream, eggs, and sugar. At the bottom is usually given crumbs of compacted crackers. New York cheesecake has a dense but soft texture. Initially the New York cheesecake did not have additional toppings on it, but because the cream taste was too strong, then started adding a variety of fresh fruits on top to neutralize the enigmatic taste.

2. Japanese Cheesecake

japanese cheesecake 1


Besides New York, the world-famous cheesecake is Japanese cheesecake. In contrast to New York cheesecake which has a dense texture, Japanese cheesecake has a light texture and is quite hollow and has a very soft texture like cotton, so it is often nicknamed “cotton cheesecake”. If you compare it with cheesecakes from other countries, this Japanese cheesecake is not only flavorful and has a cheese taste, but also has a vanilla aroma and taste in it.

3. French Cheesecake

French Cheesecake

French cheesecake has a plain appearance on the top because it is only added with gelatin so it looks more glossy. French cheesecake using Neufchatel cheese as the main ingredient. The texture of the French cheesecake is very light and soft because of the addition of meringue, aka shaken egg white. French cheesecake has a smaller size than other cheesecakes because it only has a height of about 2.5 to 4 cm.

4. Italian Cheesecake


Italy turns out to not only have a delicious tiramisu cake, but also a delicious cheesecake. Cheesecakes in Italy use a mixture of ricotta cheese or mascarpone, sugar or honey, vanilla, breadcrumbs to make the texture of this cake dry and dense. You can find cheesecake in the area of Florence and Rome. In Italy, cheesecake is eaten with espresso drinks or served during special celebrations.

5. Kasekuchen


At first glance, this cake is not very similar to most cheesecakes. Kasekuchen is a cheesecake originating from Germany. It is named kasekuchen because ‘kase’ in German means cheese and ‘kuchen’ means cake. So when combined it means cheesecake. Kasekuchen uses a type of quark cheese so the texture is quite dense. While at the bottom there are biscuit crumbs that are compacted.

6. Ostekake


Still on the European continent, there is a Swedish country that has a cheesecake with a creamier taste and a dense but soft texture. Cheesecake in Sweden is called ostekake or ostakaka. The name is taken from the Swedish language ‘ost’ which means cake and ‘kaka’ which means cheese. Unlike other cheesecakes, this ostekake is made by thickening fresh milk using “rennet” to separate the milk into denser parts. Once thickened, the milk is then baked with crumbs of crackers at the bottom.

7. Tiropita


Lastly, there is tiropita, which looks and textures much different from cheesecakes from other countries. Tiropita is a cheesecake originating from Greece. Tiropita is made by wrapping cheese in phyllo dough and then baking it until it is cooked. Phyllo which is a typical Greek pastry made from a mixture of flour and water that is ground until smooth. The cheese used in this cheesecake is feta and ricotta cheese. The texture of the tiropita is very crunchy and crunchy on the outside, but when you bite into the inside you will find the texture soft.

Those are some variants of cheesecake around the world!

Bluefin Tuna


Popular all over the world, there are thousands of types of fish that can be eaten. Among them are some of the most expensive fish in the world that is a luxury food.

As a food that contains many nutrients and is nutritious for health, fish is often processed into various types of dishes. Starting from raw fish such as sushi and sashimi in Japan to grilled fish that is popular in many countries.
The price range of this fish is quite diverse, some are cheap and expensive. Some fish even have a very high price to enter the ranks of the most expensive fish in the world. One of them is the rare Bluefin Tuna, the poisonous, but alluring Fugu, and the delicious Wild King Salmon.

Reporting from Money Nation, here are the five most expensive fish in the world that is luxury food.

Bluefin Tuna

1. Bluefin Tuna

You could say this type of fish invites pros and cons. Because Bluefin Tuna is one of the most expensive fish in the world. This type of fish is very popular in Japan and is usually sold by auction.

Even at the beginning of 2020, Bluefin Tuna weighing 276 kg was successfully sold at 193 million yen. Not without a reason why this fish has a very high price. This fish is known to be rare because its population continues to decline and is even on the verge of extinction.

Many animal lovers are calling for the trade and hunting of Bluefin Tuna to be stopped. However, the buyer’s interest in making this fish is still being hunted for its meat. Usually, Bluefin Tuna is processed into expensive sushi in many luxury restaurants, even in casinos. This kind of food is simply suitable for a Casino restaurant since the flow of money is huge here.

2. Puffer Fish

Also known as Fugu fish, this fish is famous for its spines and deadly poison. Although it is considered a dangerous fish, its consumption is still quite high, even in Japan, this fish is considered a luxury food.

The price range can reach USD 65 – USD 200 per head. This dish is very expensive because not everyone can serve it and get rid of the poison. Due to the slightest mistake, this Fugu fish can turn into a poison that is fatal to the human body.

Just like Bluefin Tuna, Fugu fish also invites a lot of criticism. At the end of 2019, there was a boy who was critically after eating poisonous Fugu fish.

3. Swordfish

Swordfish are commonly found in the Pacific and other tropical waters. This fish is one of the types of fish that should not be consumed. But for some people, this fish is considered a luxury food that is expensive.

The texture of the meat is quite thick and tastes good. But because it is difficult to catch and not everyone can process it, the price of this swordfish is very expensive and even entered the list of the most expensive fish in the world.

Although it tastes quite good, many studies have found that this fish has a very high mercury content. Moreover, swordfish that are old in age make the mercury content more and more dangerous for the body. The price range is around USD 62 per 20 ounces.

Yellowfin Tuna

4. Yellowfin Tuna

Besides Bluefin Tuna, there is another tuna twin which is no less expensive. His name is Yellowfin Tuna, also known as Ahi. This fish is often served in world-class luxury restaurants.

From America to Japan everyone loves this type of fish. The high price is due to Yellowfin Tuna which is considered a substitute for Bluefin Tuna which is on the verge of extinction.

Until now Yellowfin Tuna is still perched on the ranks of the most expensive fish in the world. This fish can be served as a salad topping to steak. The price range is around USD 99 per 1 kg.

Wild King Salmon

5. Wild King Salmon

As one of the most popular and popular types of fish in the world, salmon has a variety of types. One of them is Wild King Salmon, also known as Chinook Salmon.

This one salmon is called the most expensive because of the difficulty of this fish to catch. Moreover, this fish contains the highest fat compared to other fish. Including the taste is delicious and stronger.

Wild salmon is mostly found in Alaska, the type is considered superior to farmed salmon. The price range itself is quite diverse but usually in the range of USD 30 per 500 grams.

If we calculate the price, Wild King Salmon is the most suitable food if we want to feast on a delicacy while playing online casinos from home. With a decent recipe, playing online sports betting on a site like YukBola would be a great experience.



Grilled fish is a favorite food for all people at parties and at meals. It’s not difficult to find this menu in big restaurants, food stalls to roadside tent stalls. Fish does have a distinctive and savory taste in the meat, especially for marine fish. In addition, fish meat is easier to cook, so cooking or processing fish is easier than processing other meats. Therefore, the grilled fish menu must be served at a party at home, because it tastes very delicious. Below are tips for processing fish, meat when grilled so that the grilled fish seasoning can be absorbed perfectly:


  1. Fish type
    Many types of fish can be processed into grilled fish, ranging from freshwater fish to seawater fish. Various types of fish can be processed by grilling or grilling. For example, gourami, tilapia or snapper, milkfish, pomfret, catfish, mackerel, and others. So that the fish meat is not easily destroyed when burned, choose fish with thick flesh such as carp or snapper. Because these two types of fish taste more delicious and the meat is not easily destroyed.
  2. Fresh fish.
    When buying fish, choose fish that are still fresh or fish that are still alive. This also greatly affects the taste and texture of fish meat. Fish that is not fresh, the texture of the meat is not good and easy to break and the taste is different. While the fish is really fresh it tastes a little sweet and savory so that the seasoning of the grilled fish will be easily absorbed. If you buy fish in the morning, make sure you store it in the freezer in the fridge.
  3. Marinate fish.
    Before the fish is processed by burning, it is better to do the fish marinating process. After the fish is cleaned and removed, coat the fish with lime juice or lemon juice with salt. If you don’t have one, you can use ginger water and soy sauce. This is useful so that the fishy smell of fish can be reduced or lost. Place back in the refrigerator for about 20 minutes.
  4. Soak in spices.
    In order for the grilled fish to taste delicious, the fish must be soaked in the grilled spices for 30 to 45 minutes first. Simple spices for grilled fish include shallots, garlic, coriander, ginger, red chilies and cayenne pepper, sweet soy sauce, pepper, and salt to taste. Even with simple spices like this, but the soaking process is long, the grilled fish will definitely taste very delicious.
  5. Grease with oil.
    Grease the fish and grill with oil to prevent the fish from sticking when grilled. It also aims to make the final appearance of the grilled fish look good and the meat is not easily destroyed because the skin is still perfectly attached, not torn because it is sticky to the grill.
  6. Combustion process.
    Make sure the grill or grill is hot and the charcoal burns evenly, this will speed up the process of cooking the fish meat. When grilling, use grill tongs. Coat the fish again with the grilled fish seasoning once every 2 minutes. Each side of the fish will be cooked in about 5 to 10 minutes, don’t forget to keep the flame steady. With these methods, it is guaranteed that your grilled fish will still look good and taste very good.


Dory fish has a soft meaty texture and is usually served in the form of crispy fillets. Besides being processed into crispy fillets, dory fish can also be cooked into a variety of delicious dishes. Without having to go to expensive restaurants, you can also cook it yourself at home. This recipe for grilled Teflon dory fish is very easy to make and it has a savory taste. Especially when you eat it, it is given lime juice. Recipe for Baked Dori with Oyster Sauce at home. Honey Lemon Fish Fish Recipes.

The way to make it is also quite easy, friends, you can make Teflon Baked Dory Fish using only 8 ingredients and 2 steps.

Teflon grilled dory fish ingredients

  1. Use 1 piece of Dori fillet (I divided 2).
  2. Use in moderation: Oregano, margarine, sesame nuts (optional).
  3. Prepare Marinade Seasoning.
  4. It takes 2 cloves of garlic (finely chopped).
  5. Prepare 1 tbsp oyster sauce.
  6. You need 1/2 tbsp of sesame oil.
  7. Prepare 2 tablespoons of chili sauce.
  8. Use in moderation: salt, pepper powder, broth powder/flavoring, sweet soy sauce.

Grilled dory fish with honey sauce is certainly very delicious and delicious and also has a very distinctive aroma so that many people like it. Grill the fish on a flat pan or Teflon while turning until cooked. Remove and serve with complementary ingredients, namely chili sauce. Dori fish is a food that can be processed into various dishes and foods, from side dishes to snacks.

How to make Teflon Baked Dory Fish?

  1. Cut into 2 fish fillets, prepare the marinade, soak the fish in the spices until evenly distributed, and let stand for 15 minutes.
  2. Heat the Teflon with margarine, then roast the Dori on one side until cooked, then flip it over so it doesn’t crumble, while smearing with the remaining marinade, do it until the fish is cooked ready to serve with a sprinkling of oregano, chili powder and sesame nuts (optional).

Steps to Make Baked Dori Fish with Honey Sauce Seasoning: Prepare the dory fish, then flush with lime juice and let stand for a while so that the fishy smell of fish is reduced. Prepare Teflon, heat it over low heat, and give enough butter. Teflon Grilled Fish Recipe Assalamualaikum wr.wb. Savory Teflon grilled fish or grilled fish without charcoal is very practical and easy.



Salmon is a popular fish that is delicious and rich in nutrients. See how to process it easily in your home.

You are certainly quite familiar with salmon. Yes, this type of fish is quite popular and easy to find both in the market and in Japanese restaurants to be processed into sushi. Because of its popularity, now many restaurant menus offer a variety of processed menus from this type of fish.

Before we discuss in more detail the nutritional content of salmon, it’s a good idea to investigate what family this fish belongs to. Salmon or salmon is a type of fish from the Salmonidae family. This type of fish lives in the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean.

Besides being delicious to eat, this fish is also rich in nutrients, you know. Data from WebMD says every one serving of salmon contains 1.2 to 1.9 grams of omega-3 fatty acids.

Not only that, but the American Heart Association also recommends that we eat fatty fish, especially salmon, at least two servings a week.

Before going into more detail about salmon and the ins and outs of its benefits, this article will discuss:

✅Salmon Nutrition Content

  1. Vitamin B12
  2. Selenium
  3. Omega 3

✅ Various Benefits of Salmon

  1. Good for Heart Health
  2. Improve Brain Health
  3. Good for Baby Growth
  4. Can be consumed when dieting
  5. Prevent Alzheimer’s Risk
  6. Improve Bone Health
  7. Prevent Depression

✅ Easy Salmon Cooking at Home

  1. Clean wash
  2. Dry Salmon
  3. Store Fish in the Fridge

✅ Easy Salmon Recipe

  1. Grilled Salmon
  2. Boiled Salmon
  3. Grilled Salmon
  4. Sashimi and Sushi

Salmon Nutrition

Salmon Nutrition

Salmon contains high-quality protein. details that there are several vitamins and minerals that are also beneficial for the body, including vitamin B12, selenium, and potassium. Not only that, but salmon also contains omega-3 fatty acids.

1. Vitamin B12
This vitamin is very useful for the formation of proteins, blood cells, and tissues. This type of vitamin can also be found naturally in fish, meat, eggs and milk, cheese, and yogurt.

2. Selenium
Selenium is an important mineral for the body because it contains antioxidants. Selenium can also prevent free radicals from damaging cell DNA.

3. Omega-3
Omega 3 fatty acids are needed by the body. However, these fatty acids are not produced by the body, but are obtained from mackerel and salmon. This substance is a natural essential fatty acid in salmon, namely in the form of EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid).

Omega 3 is also believed to help fight health disorders such as heart disease, dementia, and riding in fetal development.

Various Benefits of Salmon

Various Benefits of Salmon

After we discuss the nutritional content of salmon. Let’s discuss one by one the various benefits of salmon for health. Summarizing from various sources, at least 7 benefits of salmon:

1. Good for Heart Health
Eating salmon is very beneficial for heart health because this fish contains omega 3 fatty acids that can reduce the risk of heart disease and inflammation. Not only that, Omega 3 contained in salmon, is believed to prevent blood clots that can cause a stroke.

2. Improve Brain Health
Salmon can improve the health of people who eat it. The content of fish oil and the good fat content of salmon are also believed to reduce depression, anxiety, and the risk of dementia.

3. Good for Baby Growth
For babies who are still in the growth stage at the age of six months and over, it is highly recommended to eat salmon. The soft texture of the meat is also suitable for babies. The content of omega 3 fatty acids will maximize the development of the brain, nerves, and eyes of a growing baby.




This is the Favorite Food of Casino Gambling Players that is Worth Trying – Gambling games are closely related to having fun. Not only having fun earning a lot of money but also being happy because you can fill your stomach with delicious foods. Here are some of the favorite foods of gambling players at big casinos that you must try. Full stomach, even more excited!

Bacchanal Buffet at Caesars Palace Makes Satiety with Various Food Choices


Casino at Caesars Palace is well known for its grandeur and also the size of the venue. Also because of the kinds of games available at this casino, it will definitely make players feel at home playing. To recharge after playing, at this casino there is a Bacchanal Buffet which is famous for its large selection of food provided.

Vegetarian Options at Wynn’s Buffet

In this buffet restaurant one of the perks compared to other casino restaurants is the large selection for vegetarians. If you are a vegetarian or don’t eat meat, this buffet is a must stop. But of course there are still options for those of you who want to enjoy a dish of meat. There is beef lagsana ready to shake your tongue, there is also Alaskan crab in the seafood section. For those who like sweets, there is also a cake dish that will satisfy you.

Wicked Spoon at The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas Offers a Variety of Serves

With a variety of ways of serving, Wicked Spoon is setting a new standard in buffet restaurants. The foods are served in a small pot on a mini stove, ramekin, and are even available in packs that are ready to take home like those in Chinese food restaurants so that players who want to go straight away can still enjoy the delicious dishes of this restaurant.

Long queues at the Buffet at Bellagio prove delicious


If you visit the buffet restaurant at the Bellagio casino, it’s best not to do it on weekends because the queues can be very long. The menus offered at the Bellagio buffet are indeed a favorite of many players, such as sushi, various kinds of salads, to caviar. If you want to eat until you’re satisfied at this buffet, it’s better to avoid peak hours, so you can go around more freely and taste all the available dishes.

Feast Buffet at Red Rock casino for Delicious Food and More Affordable Prices

Looking for a place to eat that serves delicious food but at a more affordable price while enjoying gambling games? The place is definitely at the Feast Buffet at Red Rock casino. The flagship menu is the barbeque menu every weekend which makes many people keep coming back again and again.

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Eggs are one of the animal proteins that are quite easy to process. Almost all food ingredients can be mixed with this one ingredient and create a delicious menu for the family.

One simple menu that is often used as a breakfast menu for Indonesians is an omelette and beef eye.

Well, apart from the two menus above, there is another simple menu that you can try for your breakfast at home.

Are you curious about how to make it? Let’s look at the recipe for soft and simple steamed eggs in the review below.

1. The ingredients from this menu are quite easy to find. To be sure there must be eggs!



  • 4 chicken eggs
  • 1 1/4 – 1 3/4 cups water (depending on the volume of eggs used)
  • Boiled vegetables such as carrots, potatoes and broccoli that have been cut to taste
  • Chicken broth to taste
  • Pinch of salt

2. No less important, you also have to prepare the ingredients for the toppings later

Topping ingredients:

  • A few leeks, roughly chopped
  • Sesame oil to taste
  • Soy sauce to taste
  • Chili powder (optional)

3. Before entering the manufacturing step, pay attention to these water dosage tips so that you get the right texture

Beat all the eggs in a bowl. Measure the volume of the eggs using a measuring cup or cup.

The amount of water to add should be 1 1/2 to 2 times the volume of the eggs. For example, if the volume of all eggs used is 200 milliliters, then the water that needs to be added is about 300 – 400 millimeters.

The texture of the dough that is added with water 1 1/2 times the volume of the eggs is usually denser than that which is added more water.


4. Now, pay close attention to the relatively simple manufacturing steps. You can do it!

How to make:

  • Mix water and egg slowly. Add salt and powder broth to taste, stir evenly then strain.
  • Put the dough into a heat-resistant container, either a small or medium size container.
  • After the dough is poured add the vegetables to taste. Beat the container and let stand a few minutes to reduce foam / bubbles so that later the surface of the dough is perfectly smooth.
  • Cover the top of the egg using aluminum foil and steam the dough until cooked for about 10-15 minutes over low heat.
  • Once cooked, remove the aluminum foil and add the toppings to your taste.
  • Soft and simple steamed eggs are ready to serve.

5. To make the details clearer, you can watch the tutorial for making it on YouTube.

Well, that’s the recipe for soft and simple steamed eggs that is perfect for your breakfast menu. It is not complicated and fails to fail, your family will immediately be addicted to eating it. What are you waiting for? Let’s practice at home!



For those of you who like to eat and make dishes, it is mandatory to increase knowledge about various traditional and international recipes.

There are many recipes that you can try to make at home, one of which is a sweet and spicy recipe.

This dish is quite popular in Indonesia because of the many ingredients that can be used as food with a spicy and sweet taste, some of which are chicken wings, claws, and squid.

Besides being able to increase your ability to cook, you can also serve spicy and sweet dishes for your family at home.

Apart from being delicious, the method for making it is fairly easy, the ingredients are simple and you won’t have any trouble getting them in various centers.

Here are sweet and spicy recipes, which you can try to make at home

Sweet and Spicy Recipes

1. Sweet Spicy Chicken Wings


1 kg of chicken wings, cut into pieces and wash
4 cloves garlic
1 cm turmeric
1 teaspoon coriander
Salt to taste
Sauce seasoning:

2 garlic cloves, chopped
2 spring onions, chopped
5 pieces of cayenne pepper, cut into pieces (according to taste)
2 tbsp chili sauce
1 tablespoon tomato sauce
1/2 teaspoon pepper
Sweet soy sauce to taste
Enough water
How to make:

1. Puree the garlic, coriander, turmeric, and salt.

2. Combine the chicken wings with the seasonings. Put it in a saucepan and mix with enough water. Cook the chicken until cooked.

3. Saute garlic, onion and bird’s eye chilies until fragrant.

4. Enter the chili sauce, tomato sauce, pepper, and sweet soy sauce. Stir briefly, pour a little water. Allow it to thicken slightly.

5. Add in the chicken wings, mix well with the seasonings. Cook until the sauce thickens slightly and covers the wings.


2. Sweet and Spicy Shredded Chicken



1/4 kg of chicken breast
5 spring onions
3 cloves of garlic
5 red bird’s eye chilies
7 red curly chilies
1 segment of galangal
1/2 segment of ginger
1 stick of lemongrass
4 pieces of lime leaves
2 bay leaves
1 sachet of sweet soy sauce
To taste salt and flavoring
Sufficient oil and water
How to make:

1. Boil chicken until half cooked, pale white color, let cool, then shredded.

2. Slice shallots, garlic, and chilies. Geprek galangal, ginger, and lemongrass.

3. Saute all spices until fragrant, add lime leaves and bay leaves.

4. Enter the shredded chicken, saute briefly and add enough water until the chicken is submerged.

5. Add salt, flavor, and sweet soy sauce.

6. Stir and cook until the water is reduced over medium heat.

7. Remove and serve.



Just like champagne, truffles, and foie gras, caviar is a portion of delicious food that not only can eat but is also a luxury item that is seen as a symbol of wealth. In fact, fresh caviar is one of the most expensive and sought after luxury foods in the world. But what really makes these fish eggs so valuable?

And after reading this information, maybe you are really curious about how does it taste? But some of you may think that caviar is quite expensive and maybe don’t want to think about buying this pricey food. But, you can buy it easily by betting your money on trusted gambling website like by betting 5 US dollars you can win easily up to 5.000 US dollars! So you can taste this expensive food with no worries! Here are facts of caviar that you might not know about:


Caviar Facts – Luxurious Roman Cuisine

Before truffles were considered a lavish meal, caviar had already become a special food for kings and aristocracy of the Roman era. The ancient Greeks, Persians, and Russians of that era were willing to spend more money to consume caviar. However, caviar consumption starts from the habits of Persians who believe that sturgeon fish eggs can increase physical strength and endurance. This belief, no doubt, sparked interest and attraction to taste caviar. History shows that in the 4th century AD, menus of sturgeon fish eggs were often served at lavish parties.

Caviar Facts – Gold Laced Caviar is the most expensive

Caviar’s reputation as one of the most expensive dishes in the world is unbeatable. Gold Laced Caviar, the most expensive caviar on the market, currently sells for $ 113,630 per kilogram. The caviar comes from sturgeon fish that are more than one hundred years old. Caviar experts say that the older the sturgeon fish, the caviar texture will become softer and more expensive. Even though caviar is generally black, but gold-laced caviar has a gold color.

Caviar Facts – It’s Easy to Distinguish the Quality of Caviar

You can consider the quality of caviar based on species, color, taste, texture, and even sound. Quality caviar has colors ranging from golden yellow to dark gray, brown, or black. Caviar eggs should not be soft or have a fishy aroma. Even though they break easily, they should not break before reaching your tongue. Caviar must break in the tongue and can produce sweet flavors, such as butter and nutty. In addition, believe it or not, quality caviar will produce snoring sounds when rubbed against one another.

Caviar Facts – Sturgeon Fish Don’t Have to Be Killed to Get Their Caviar


To get caviar, the sturgeon fish’s stomach will be torn, causing the fish to die. This resulted in some of the 26 species of sturgeon threatened with extinction. But the California Caviar Company has partnered with Angela Köhler, one of Europe’s leading marine biologists, to develop Vivace, the world’s first caviar harvested using egg extraction methods without killing sturgeon fish. The trick is to specifically massage the belly of the adult female sturgeon until all the eggs come out

Caviar Facts – Not Cooked, But Presented Raw


Today there are many high-class restaurants that serve menus made from caviar. Of course, because using rare fish eggs, the price of one portion of the menu is very high. But in its presentation, caviar is not cooked on a gas stove or roasted using a microwave. Instead, caviar is served raw or fresh. Caviar is also only sprinkled on top of the food in modest amounts.

Caviar Facts – Taken from Sturgeon Fish

Sturgeons are producers of caviar eggs. The largest species is the Beluga sturgeon, which can grow to twenty feet long, is more than 100 years old, and weigh more than two tons. In addition, there is also a Siberian sturgeon which produces caviar named Baerial. Siberian sturgeon fish can weigh up to 200 kg and take between four to six years to produce caviar eggs.

Caviar Facts – Expensive Because Sturgeon Fish Are Very Rare

Just like white truffles, sturgeon, or caviar fish-eggs are one of the most expensive food ingredients in the world. The older the sturgeon fish, the more expensive the price of caviar it produces. Beluga caviar produced from beluga sturgeon from Caspian can reach the age of 18 to 20 years. No wonder the price of caviar is very expensive, and its availability in the world is very rare. However, caviar prices have continued to decline in recent years due to advances in sturgeon fish farming. The cultivation allows caviar industry owners to get sturgeon fish by livestock, not the game from the wild.



Recently netizens were shocked by the elimination of a UK Master Chef participant from Malaysia. The participant was excluded because it was judged that his rendang was not “crispy”. After that, the public actually condemned the judges who were judged not to understand how to make rendang.

Beyond all that, food and cooking are always something fun to watch. Not only in a cooking competition but also in the form of a motion picture or film display.

Who likes food/food themed films? Yes, it was fun watching the interweaving story that was presented with the theme of cooking. What movie-themed films have you watched? Is it the same as the list of the six coolest Hollywood themed films below?

Ratatouille (2007)

This film is unique because the chef in it is not a human, but a mouse. Whaaat ?? How could it be? You must think so. But, ask those who have watched this film, and their answer must be: Exciting !!

Once upon a time, a mouse named Remy harbored the desire to become a chef, who is good at food processing. Every day the rat watches a famous chef cook, and finally, he succeeds in becoming a famous chef in Auguste Gusteau’s restaurant. How to? Watch this 2007 animated film, guaranteed you will forget that Remy is a mouse that is often considered dirty and a source of disease.

No Reservation (2007)


Combining the art of cooking and romance? Wow, this is perfect. Well, in this film, Kate is a great chef who is rigid, disciplined, and respected by his men. One day, there came a sous-chef (post under the head chef) named Nick. A cheerful, ignorant man and loved by everyone, except Kate himself. For Kate, the man was very annoying because he was too relaxed. The problem then escalated because his sister was killed in an accident. His sister left a will to Kate to take care of her only child, Zoe. With Nick being annoyed and his sudden status as a ‘mother’, chef Kate’s career has become complicated. In this film, you will see chemistry Catherine Zeta-Jones and Aaron Eckart, the two main players, who are intertwined so sweetly.

Julie and Julia (2009)


Who does not know Julia Child? An American woman who long lived in France is one of the icons of cooking in the United States. The public loved him because he could cook in a very unusual way.

Julie Powell is a part-time worker who likes to cook and dreams of her blog is read by many people. One day Julie set a kind of challenge for herself to be able to try every recipe Julia Child wrote in her cookbook. The challenge he posted on his blog, and in a disciplined manner, he followed all Julia Child-style cooking procedures and wrote it on the blog.

This film is very interesting because there are two lines that are presented; the life cycle of Julia Child (in the past) and the life cycle of Julie Powell (in the present). Not to mention the two actresses who play here are both top actresses, namely Meryl Streep and Amy Adams.

Chef (2014)


Carl Casper is a skilled chef whose career is on the verge of collapse after a food critic wrote about his cuisine, which was considered less flavorful. After the feud with the annoying film critic, Carl finally decided to accept his wife’s offer to sell using the Food Truck. Begins Carl, accompanied by his best friend Martin, travels from town to town, offering the food they sell. Not unexpectedly, this trip not only made Carl able to find what he liked but also brought his relationship back to Percy, his own biological child.

The Hundred-Foot Journey (2014)


The Kadam family from India decided to immigrate to France and open a restaurant there. Although the five sons and daughters of Kadam did not approve of this plan, the father insisted. Mr. Kadam believes that they will be able to succeed, especially because Hasan, one of the sons of this family, is a very talented chef.

The Indian restaurant built by the Kadam family happened to be facing a very famous restaurant owned by Madame Mallory. This classy restaurant already holds two Michelin stars, a prestigious title given to high-standard restaurants internationally.

Madame Mallory, of course, did not like to find an Indian restaurant standing right in front of her own restaurant. The feud between the Kadam family and Madame Mallory is one of the elements of this film that is really interesting, funny as well as touching. Especially when Madame Mallory realized that Hasan was more suitable to work for him because Hasan had a very great chef talent.

Burnt (2015)

Who really likes Bradley Cooper? Yep, he is the main actor in this film. Here Cooper plays the role of Adam Jones, a chef who ruined his career because of drugs and arrogant behavior. At one point in his life, Adam wanted to return to his career as a chef. Assisted by his old friend, he worked in a prestigious restaurant in London. Can Adam fulfill his wish?