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Bluefin Tuna

Popular all over the world, there are thousands of types of fish that can be eaten. Among them are some of the most expensive fish in the world that is a luxury food.

As a food that contains many nutrients and is nutritious for health, fish is often processed into various types of dishes. Starting from raw fish such as sushi and sashimi in Japan to grilled fish that is popular in many countries.
The price range of this fish is quite diverse, some are cheap and expensive. Some fish even have a very high price to enter the ranks of the most expensive fish in the world. One of them is the rare Bluefin Tuna, the poisonous, but alluring Fugu, and the delicious Wild King Salmon.

Reporting from Money Nation, here are the five most expensive fish in the world that is luxury food.

Bluefin Tuna

1. Bluefin Tuna

You could say this type of fish invites pros and cons. Because Bluefin Tuna is one of the most expensive fish in the world. This type of fish is very popular in Japan and is usually sold by auction.

Even at the beginning of 2020, Bluefin Tuna weighing 276 kg was successfully sold at 193 million yen. Not without a reason why this fish has a very high price. This fish is known to be rare because its population continues to decline and is even on the verge of extinction.

Many animal lovers are calling for the trade and hunting of Bluefin Tuna to be stopped. However, the buyer’s interest in making this fish is still being hunted for its meat. Usually, Bluefin Tuna is processed into expensive sushi in many luxury restaurants, even in casinos. This kind of food is simply suitable for a Casino restaurant since the flow of money is huge here.

2. Puffer Fish

Also known as Fugu fish, this fish is famous for its spines and deadly poison. Although it is considered a dangerous fish, its consumption is still quite high, even in Japan, this fish is considered a luxury food.

The price range can reach USD 65 – USD 200 per head. This dish is very expensive because not everyone can serve it and get rid of the poison. Due to the slightest mistake, this Fugu fish can turn into a poison that is fatal to the human body.

Just like Bluefin Tuna, Fugu fish also invites a lot of criticism. At the end of 2019, there was a boy who was critically after eating poisonous Fugu fish.

3. Swordfish

Swordfish are commonly found in the Pacific and other tropical waters. This fish is one of the types of fish that should not be consumed. But for some people, this fish is considered a luxury food that is expensive.

The texture of the meat is quite thick and tastes good. But because it is difficult to catch and not everyone can process it, the price of this swordfish is very expensive and even entered the list of the most expensive fish in the world.

Although it tastes quite good, many studies have found that this fish has a very high mercury content. Moreover, swordfish that are old in age make the mercury content more and more dangerous for the body. The price range is around USD 62 per 20 ounces.

Yellowfin Tuna

4. Yellowfin Tuna

Besides Bluefin Tuna, there is another tuna twin which is no less expensive. His name is Yellowfin Tuna, also known as Ahi. This fish is often served in world-class luxury restaurants.

From America to Japan everyone loves this type of fish. The high price is due to Yellowfin Tuna which is considered a substitute for Bluefin Tuna which is on the verge of extinction.

Until now Yellowfin Tuna is still perched on the ranks of the most expensive fish in the world. This fish can be served as a salad topping to steak. The price range is around USD 99 per 1 kg.

Wild King Salmon

5. Wild King Salmon

As one of the most popular and popular types of fish in the world, salmon has a variety of types. One of them is Wild King Salmon, also known as Chinook Salmon.

This one salmon is called the most expensive because of the difficulty of this fish to catch. Moreover, this fish contains the highest fat compared to other fish. Including the taste is delicious and stronger.

Wild salmon is mostly found in Alaska, the type is considered superior to farmed salmon. The price range itself is quite diverse but usually in the range of USD 30 per 500 grams.

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