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Recently netizens were shocked by the elimination of a UK Master Chef participant from Malaysia. The participant was excluded because it was judged that his rendang was not “crispy”. After that, the public actually condemned the judges who were judged not to understand how to make rendang.

Beyond all that, food and cooking are always something fun to watch. Not only in a cooking competition but also in the form of a motion picture or film display.

Who likes food/food themed films? Yes, it was fun watching the interweaving story that was presented with the theme of cooking. What movie-themed films have you watched? Is it the same as the list of the six coolest Hollywood themed films below?

Ratatouille (2007)

This film is unique because the chef in it is not a human, but a mouse. Whaaat ?? How could it be? You must think so. But, ask those who have watched this film, and their answer must be: Exciting !!

Once upon a time, a mouse named Remy harbored the desire to become a chef, who is good at food processing. Every day the rat watches a famous chef cook, and finally, he succeeds in becoming a famous chef in Auguste Gusteau’s restaurant. How to? Watch this 2007 animated film, guaranteed you will forget that Remy is a mouse that is often considered dirty and a source of disease.

No Reservation (2007)


Combining the art of cooking and romance? Wow, this is perfect. Well, in this film, Kate is a great chef who is rigid, disciplined, and respected by his men. One day, there came a sous-chef (post under the head chef) named Nick. A cheerful, ignorant man and loved by everyone, except Kate himself. For Kate, the man was very annoying because he was too relaxed. The problem then escalated because his sister was killed in an accident. His sister left a will to Kate to take care of her only child, Zoe. With Nick being annoyed and his sudden status as a ‘mother’, chef Kate’s career has become complicated. In this film, you will see chemistry Catherine Zeta-Jones and Aaron Eckart, the two main players, who are intertwined so sweetly.

Julie and Julia (2009)


Who does not know Julia Child? An American woman who long lived in France is one of the icons of cooking in the United States. The public loved him because he could cook in a very unusual way.

Julie Powell is a part-time worker who likes to cook and dreams of her blog is read by many people. One day Julie set a kind of challenge for herself to be able to try every recipe Julia Child wrote in her cookbook. The challenge he posted on his blog, and in a disciplined manner, he followed all Julia Child-style cooking procedures and wrote it on the blog.

This film is very interesting because there are two lines that are presented; the life cycle of Julia Child (in the past) and the life cycle of Julie Powell (in the present). Not to mention the two actresses who play here are both top actresses, namely Meryl Streep and Amy Adams.

Chef (2014)


Carl Casper is a skilled chef whose career is on the verge of collapse after a food critic wrote about his cuisine, which was considered less flavorful. After the feud with the annoying film critic, Carl finally decided to accept his wife’s offer to sell using the Food Truck. Begins Carl, accompanied by his best friend Martin, travels from town to town, offering the food they sell. Not unexpectedly, this trip not only made Carl able to find what he liked but also brought his relationship back to Percy, his own biological child.

The Hundred-Foot Journey (2014)


The Kadam family from India decided to immigrate to France and open a restaurant there. Although the five sons and daughters of Kadam did not approve of this plan, the father insisted. Mr. Kadam believes that they will be able to succeed, especially because Hasan, one of the sons of this family, is a very talented chef.

The Indian restaurant built by the Kadam family happened to be facing a very famous restaurant owned by Madame Mallory. This classy restaurant already holds two Michelin stars, a prestigious title given to high-standard restaurants internationally.

Madame Mallory, of course, did not like to find an Indian restaurant standing right in front of her own restaurant. The feud between the Kadam family and Madame Mallory is one of the elements of this film that is really interesting, funny as well as touching. Especially when Madame Mallory realized that Hasan was more suitable to work for him because Hasan had a very great chef talent.

Burnt (2015)

Who really likes Bradley Cooper? Yep, he is the main actor in this film. Here Cooper plays the role of Adam Jones, a chef who ruined his career because of drugs and arrogant behavior. At one point in his life, Adam wanted to return to his career as a chef. Assisted by his old friend, he worked in a prestigious restaurant in London. Can Adam fulfill his wish?