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new york cheesecake 1

Cheesecake is one of the most popular cakes by the world community besides tiramisu and black forest. Cheesecake is the right cake choice for those of you who don’t really like sweet food because the taste of this cheesecake is savory and tends to be salty. This cake is made from a mixture of sugar, eggs, milk, and of course cheese. There are many types of cheese used for cheesecakes, namely cottage cheese, ricotta, and mascarpone. Cheesecake is popular not only because of its taste, but also its soft texture and melts in the mouth. But did you know that it turns out that there are many variants of cheesecake in this world depending on each country. So are the ingredients, texture, shape, and taste the same? Those cheesecake is a great dish to accompany your chilling time such as watching movie, hanging out, playing online gambling and many more. If you want to play one of the trusted online gambling sites in the world you need to daftar slot online first to have an Account to play. So, let’s see 7 variants of cheesecake around the world!

1. New York Cheesecake


The most famous cheesecake in the world is the New York cheesecake which comes from America. New York cheesecake is made from a mixture of cream cheese, sour cream, eggs, and sugar. At the bottom is usually given crumbs of compacted crackers. New York cheesecake has a dense but soft texture. Initially the New York cheesecake did not have additional toppings on it, but because the cream taste was too strong, then started adding a variety of fresh fruits on top to neutralize the enigmatic taste.

2. Japanese Cheesecake

japanese cheesecake 1


Besides New York, the world-famous cheesecake is Japanese cheesecake. In contrast to New York cheesecake which has a dense texture, Japanese cheesecake has a light texture and is quite hollow and has a very soft texture like cotton, so it is often nicknamed “cotton cheesecake”. If you compare it with cheesecakes from other countries, this Japanese cheesecake is not only flavorful and has a cheese taste, but also has a vanilla aroma and taste in it.

3. French Cheesecake

French Cheesecake

French cheesecake has a plain appearance on the top because it is only added with gelatin so it looks more glossy. French cheesecake using Neufchatel cheese as the main ingredient. The texture of the French cheesecake is very light and soft because of the addition of meringue, aka shaken egg white. French cheesecake has a smaller size than other cheesecakes because it only has a height of about 2.5 to 4 cm.

4. Italian Cheesecake


Italy turns out to not only have a delicious tiramisu cake, but also a delicious cheesecake. Cheesecakes in Italy use a mixture of ricotta cheese or mascarpone, sugar or honey, vanilla, breadcrumbs to make the texture of this cake dry and dense. You can find cheesecake in the area of Florence and Rome. In Italy, cheesecake is eaten with espresso drinks or served during special celebrations.

5. Kasekuchen


At first glance, this cake is not very similar to most cheesecakes. Kasekuchen is a cheesecake originating from Germany. It is named kasekuchen because ‘kase’ in German means cheese and ‘kuchen’ means cake. So when combined it means cheesecake. Kasekuchen uses a type of quark cheese so the texture is quite dense. While at the bottom there are biscuit crumbs that are compacted.

6. Ostekake


Still on the European continent, there is a Swedish country that has a cheesecake with a creamier taste and a dense but soft texture. Cheesecake in Sweden is called ostekake or ostakaka. The name is taken from the Swedish language ‘ost’ which means cake and ‘kaka’ which means cheese. Unlike other cheesecakes, this ostekake is made by thickening fresh milk using “rennet” to separate the milk into denser parts. Once thickened, the milk is then baked with crumbs of crackers at the bottom.

7. Tiropita


Lastly, there is tiropita, which looks and textures much different from cheesecakes from other countries. Tiropita is a cheesecake originating from Greece. Tiropita is made by wrapping cheese in phyllo dough and then baking it until it is cooked. Phyllo which is a typical Greek pastry made from a mixture of flour and water that is ground until smooth. The cheese used in this cheesecake is feta and ricotta cheese. The texture of the tiropita is very crunchy and crunchy on the outside, but when you bite into the inside you will find the texture soft.

Those are some variants of cheesecake around the world!