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Cake fans or not, you know red velvet, right? You know, a maroon-colored cake with cream that had boomed some time ago to the point that almost every place to eat will provide food or drinks with a red velvet flavor variant.

Although it has begun to decline, red velvet remains a choice for many people because of its beautiful appearance and looks very good. But, did you know that red velvet is not a new breakthrough cake, but has been around a long time ago?

red velvet cake
The maze was heard, red velvet was said to come from Waldorf-Astoria, a restaurant in a famous hotel in New York, United States. According to a story circulating, a woman came to the restaurant and was fascinated by the cake she ate. Yup, the cake is a red cake made by the restaurant! I was so fascinated by this red cake, the woman even asked for the recipe to the chef, who then ended up with the restaurant giving the recipe along with a ‘back service’ bill of $ 350. Well, this is where the red velvet cake began to spread when the woman spread the red cake recipe.

Not only that, but another story about the origin of the red velvet comes from the restaurant and bakery at the Department Store Earton in Canada. In the 1940s and 1950s, the wife of the owner of the place made red velvet and sold it, and use the earned money to gamble in situs judi bola soccer bet, which then made her claim that the red velvet cake was an original product from Earton.

Glancing a bit into the past, it turns out that red velvet has existed since the time of the second world war, which is around the 1940s. This cake is very popular in the United States because it is a cake that is served in the army. There is a story about why this beautiful cake can be a dish for the soldiers you know Teens. At the time of the second world war, pastry chefs had difficulty getting cake making ingredients, including food coloring. This condition finally made the chefs innovate! They used beetroot as a food coloring and finally made the cake they made red, then red velvet was born.

red velvet cupcake
Red velvet is increasingly known to the world when it appeared in a film in 1989, A Steel Magnoliasa, which tells the story of a groom who brought red velvet in the form of an armadillo (a type of tapir) for his bride. Appearance in this film makes red velvet looks like a romantic and sexy cake in the eyes of the world.

Until now, it is still not really know the history of where this red velvet cake actually originated, but just for information, Teens, you have even been able to find a red velvet recipe since the late 1800s. In historical terms, the cake which was originally only referred to as red cake is called red velvet because of the soft and soft texture of the cake (velvet).