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At the moment, mukbang and ASMR are Youtube content that gets quite a lot of views. People watch mukbang to accompany them to lunch. Mukbang itself is derived from a Korean word that can be beheaded as “meokneun” () which means eating and “bangsong” () which means broadcast.

Since 2009, Mukbang has been popular on the internet, especially on AfreecaTV and YouTube. You can find it with the keyword “BJ” (Broadcast Jockeys), and the content creator of mukbang gets his income from donations from fans.

Very large portions and delicious reactions when eating without pause (mukbang video duration can reach more than an hour) is the main key why mukbang is so popular. At present the mukbang content creators incorporate the ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) sound system into their mukbang audio video. This was done by them to increase the selling power of their videos.

When viewed from the standpoint of eastern traditions, the procedures for Mukbang ASMR are very contradictory. Mouth filled with food while talking, tasting and sounding food on purpose, are things that are prohibited by our parents when having dinner together. But now, that would be the spectacle most loved by the public. People also love to playing online gambling in agen sbobet terpercaya while doing the Mukbang video.

Social scientists have been competing to explain why Mukbang is a popular phenomenon among millennial addicts in cyberspace. viewers who eat alone can feel accompanied by someone if they eat while watching a mukbang video. Or make it an outlet for hunger without the need to eat real.

The effects arising from watching ASMR videos or sound recordings are not the same for all listeners because they can be very personal. For some people, the sound is a physiological or mental experience that can trigger memory and cognitive knowledge, while for some others will feel disgusted seeing and hearing the ASMR eating video. The sharp “slrup” sound when eating noodles can have an appetizing and disgusting effect.

However, not everyone is biologically or lifestyle able to carry out mukbang. Advice from a number of health experts is, know yourself: who is the audience, who is the content creator, do not reverse. Because, behind a large portion of food and without safe procedures, there is a risk of disease lurking, ranging from diabetes, heart disease, cholesterol, and so forth.

Food in large quantities aka mukbang at one time has now become a lifestyle of its own. This activity was first popular among Asian creator content, then became a “plague” on the video sharing network, YouTube.

So an interesting spectacle, some YouTubers even focus on serving unfulfilled food activities. Some of them even managed to reach followers to millions, you know.

The more popular and become an idol, here are 10 best mukbang channels that you should watch.

1. Matt Stonie


Matt Stonie managed to collect 7.1 million subscribers from his food content. This YouTuber always succeeds in solving food challenges with jumbo portions given by his fans. His appetite is amazing!

2. Yuka Kinoshita

yuka kinoshita

When watching Yuka Kinoshita eat, you’re guaranteed to fail on a diet! This Japanese woman has been followed by 5.1 million people who love mukbang from various countries. Not only good at eating, Kinoshita cooking skills are also cool role models.

3. Trisha Paytas


With the name of the blndsundoll4mj channel, Trisha Paytas is one of the most popular YouTubers. A few years ago, he started posting content about lifestyle. But the last two years, the owner of 4.7 million subscribers has started to “crazy” eating with large portions.

4. Banzz


Discussing the issue of mukbang, then we must not miss the most popular figure in South Korea, Banzz. The man with extraordinary appetite has 3.1 million loyal fans.

Engaging in the profession as a food vlogger, Banzz claimed to have to exercise 6-10 hours a day to control weight and maintain health. Not an easy struggle too huh.

5. Ddeng-gae


Duo Ddeng-gae from the Land of Ginseng is no less famous than Banzz. Not only eat a lot, the channel with 3.1 million subscribers features a lot of meals plus fast. The audience will be amazed by their actions.